La quebrada

la quebrada is this place in Acapulco where there is a giant cliff and people dive in the ocean from the cliff. The sea water enters and exits the cliff and when it entered the cliff the water was very shallow. This is a life or death, and so my mom freaked out. I was in a bad mood before and didn’t want to come, but it was all worth at the end. Oh yeah, no one died/everyone survived. The divers also gave Ari lessons so that he could be a diver when he grows up. OK, just kidding. But we did get to meet all of the divers. Here are some videos and pictures below.

The last and craziest jump be like
2 at the same time coming up
Me and Ari with every diver

Panini world cup 2022 Qatar sticker album

The Panini sticker album is this thing where you get an album with all the Soccer players that are playing in the world cup and you collect stickers. you need more than 600 stickers to complete it and its super hard, and the only way to finish it is by trading with other people because the more you have the less likely you are to find the missing players.

it all started at the Q2 stadium when they gave us free sticker albums, and we went to like 10 different stores just to find more stickers. we also kept getting letters with stickers from my uncle Jacobo.

Me and my brother Ari worked really hard and woke up at 6 A.M to work on it.

we traded with people 3 times, the firsdt time we traded with this columbian kid In a place called meanwhile brewery and got like 50 stickers. then we went to Rudy’s. there were a lot of people an d Ari was good at getting free stickers. we got about 50 more stickers there. the last one we had 24 stickers left and my dad thought we would not finish. it was the craziest one because it was in a Brazilian shop and everyone were Brazilian. we somehow gave someone 50 stickers. at the end we got our 24 stickers and completed the album. and when we got our last sticker everyone clapped for us. my dad even said that getting 10 was just luck and we completed the album.

This is the album
This was in Rudy’s, where we got Messi. And sorry, no meanwhile photos.
and this is in that Brazilian shop

Barcelona trip 2022

in febuary 2022, i went to barcelona spain with my dad, grandpa, cousin, and 2 of my uncles. this post has chapters like the cyj one.

Chapter 1: espanyol vs sevilla: one febuary, I flew fro austin to barcelona overnight from 4:00 PM to like 7:00 AM (without sleeping at all), then we went straight to watch a soccer game cuz we could. the game ended up 1-1 and the teams were pretty good, so it was really exciting even though there were only 2 goals.

Chapter 2: Plaza Catalunya: It was a square and there were a lot of pigeons

Chapter 3: La Masía: la masía is where fc barcelona trains and where lionel messi used to live. we went there to see my cousin train

chapter 4: sick: so I felt bad in la masía so we went home and I threw up 3 times in the taxi and then 5 times in the hotel. I felt bad for a couple days and then it all happened to my dad.

This is me sick. (bruh)

chapter 5: camp nou: Camp nou is fc barcelona’s stadium. we got to go there for a tour. we got to see the stadium and the museum and did and saw stuff that people (that aren’t players) did and saw. I also did this VR thing

chapter 6: old city: It is the oldest part of barcelona. we went to an art museum and a super old restaurant and a chocolate museum with statues made of chocolate.

chapter 7: fundación Miró: It is a giant museum of an artist. it was just crazy.

chapter 8: Sagrada Familia: The building was crazy and huge from the outside and from the inside. I was really hungry so we had to go out of the building and eat in mcdonalds.

chapter 9: Park Güell: it was a park in a mountain. The same person that made the sagrada familia made it so everything was crazy. there were a lot of hiking trails

My family

my brother: my brothers name is ari. he is three years younger than me. he was born in august 1st, 2017. he is a ”airline” lover. He wants to be a pilot. i think being a pilot is dangerous because you can crash even though there is a small chance that that’ll happen.

my mom: my moms name is shlomit. fun fact: my mom was born in tel aviv, israel october 14th 1985. she is a psycoligist.

my dad: my dads name is marcos. fun fact: my dad was born in monterray, mexico may 3rd. 1978.he is a computer engineer.

my family is the kirsch family (just saying)

Cyj 2022

you might be like why did you not write for so much time, well, i was in cyj which is sleepaway camp all that time. now, there will be chapters in this post.

CHAPTER 1: THE SCREAMER the screamer is this giant swing thingy wheere you go like 250 ft. in the air. There is a rope that the other poeple that are going on the screamer need to pull so that you can go up. the first drop feels like a bird carried you and accidently droped you. like it was INSANE.

This is me on the screamer
this is me pulling the rope on the screamer

CHAPTER 2: LOST ok, this like the main thing that happened to me in camp, once upon a day in cyj, I was having free time. I played too much soccer with my friend so i got lost. we were looking all around for our counslers and we even found more kids in our bunk. i found the director so we talked to him and he said that we should go in to flag lowering with everyone so we went in and we were still lost for a minute. after that minute we found are counslers. we were saved

CHAPTER 3: MACCABIAH Maccabiah is technacally color war with red, green, yellow and blue. i was on blue team we got third place. we won dogdeball because of me. i don’t know what else to say it was just, awesome.

I couldn’t find a picture with me in it of maccabiah so here were my captains

CHAPTER 4: CABIN my cabin was cabin 1L. Are bunk was always messy the beds were metal. it was one of the most important parts of cyj.

I couldn’t find a picture of my cabin but this is my bunk.

CHAPTER 5: LAST DAY in the last day we had breakfeast, waited for are bus left WITHOUT are parents, waited till we got home,talk to are parents all about are trip, and thats all

Rollercoasters,thrill rides and waterslides

I am a BIG fan of thrill rides ( including rollercoasters and waterslides) . i’ve been on like 20 thrill rides and 15 rollercoasters and 10 waterslides. i’ve always wanted to go on every rollercoaster and every thill ride and every waterslide. if your scared of rollercoasters i was to, but i faced my fears, went on one ( that was pretty thrilling) and loved it.

My soccer career

i’ve been playing soccer for many years. every time i see (real) grass, i wanna play soccer. i’ve been playing against my dad (who’s good). every time i play him i get closer to winning, and now i can beat him. when i grow up i will be a soccer player.

when i was little, i played in i9 soccer. i played for a pretty long time there, then, i moved on to lonestar sc, i also once played in barça academy.

this is a goal i scored in i9 2019
here it was march 2021, so i got way better
This was in lonestar, we had a very good team and every time i see them digital, i just miss them.

this was barça academy, it was a 1 week camp.

Star wars

star wars is my favorite movie (and my dads). i’ve watched episode 1 through 9, rouge 1, solo, the mandalorian, half of clone wars, and obi-wan kenobi. if you haven’t watched any of the you should.

Q2 stadium

the Q2 stadium is the austin fc home stadium. i go there almost every game austin fc plays there. if you ever go there you should get the is very fun watching the games and celebrating the wins and goals austin fc makes.

Board games and card games

i play many board games and card games.i play monopoly life, domino uno, war, backgammon, and more. for me board games are very fun but my brother does not.