Barcelona trip 2022

in febuary 2022, i went to barcelona spain with my dad, grandpa, cousin, and 2 of my uncles. this post has chapters like the cyj one.

Chapter 1: espanyol vs sevilla: one febuary, I flew fro austin to barcelona overnight from 4:00 PM to like 7:00 AM (without sleeping at all), then we went straight to watch a soccer game cuz we could. the game ended up 1-1 and the teams were pretty good, so it was really exciting even though there were only 2 goals.

Chapter 2: Plaza Catalunya: It was a square and there were a lot of pigeons

Chapter 3: La Masía: la masía is where fc barcelona trains and where lionel messi used to live. we went there to see my cousin train

chapter 4: sick: so I felt bad in la masía so we went home and I threw up 3 times in the taxi and then 5 times in the hotel. I felt bad for a couple days and then it all happened to my dad.

This is me sick. (bruh)

chapter 5: camp nou: Camp nou is fc barcelona’s stadium. we got to go there for a tour. we got to see the stadium and the museum and did and saw stuff that people (that aren’t players) did and saw. I also did this VR thing

chapter 6: old city: It is the oldest part of barcelona. we went to an art museum and a super old restaurant and a chocolate museum with statues made of chocolate.

chapter 7: fundación Miró: It is a giant museum of an artist. it was just crazy.

chapter 8: Sagrada Familia: The building was crazy and huge from the outside and from the inside. I was really hungry so we had to go out of the building and eat in mcdonalds.

chapter 9: Park Güell: it was a park in a mountain. The same person that made the sagrada familia made it so everything was crazy. there were a lot of hiking trails

By Ilán

I am a gamer. I love beyblade. I speak 3 languages. I was born in 2014. I am a thrill seeker (which means i love thrill rides). I live in Austin Texas. My favorite soccer team (or any team) is Austin fc. I watch YouTube. I have an ipad. I have been to 4 different countries. I will grow up to be a profesional soccer player.


  1. Very well written post. Quick question bruh. What did the taxi driver say when you threw up in his car? Did he make you clean it or was he nice and cleaned it himself?

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