Panini world cup 2022 Qatar sticker album

The Panini sticker album is this thing where you get an album with all the Soccer players that are playing in the world cup and you collect stickers. you need more than 600 stickers to complete it and its super hard, and the only way to finish it is by trading with other people because the more you have the less likely you are to find the missing players.

it all started at the Q2 stadium when they gave us free sticker albums, and we went to like 10 different stores just to find more stickers. we also kept getting letters with stickers from my uncle Jacobo.

Me and my brother Ari worked really hard and woke up at 6 A.M to work on it.

we traded with people 3 times, the firsdt time we traded with this columbian kid In a place called meanwhile brewery and got like 50 stickers. then we went to Rudy’s. there were a lot of people an d Ari was good at getting free stickers. we got about 50 more stickers there. the last one we had 24 stickers left and my dad thought we would not finish. it was the craziest one because it was in a Brazilian shop and everyone were Brazilian. we somehow gave someone 50 stickers. at the end we got our 24 stickers and completed the album. and when we got our last sticker everyone clapped for us. my dad even said that getting 10 was just luck and we completed the album.

This is the album
This was in Rudy’s, where we got Messi. And sorry, no meanwhile photos.
and this is in that Brazilian shop

By Ilán

I am a gamer. I love beyblade. I speak 3 languages. I was born in 2014. I am a thrill seeker (which means i love thrill rides). I live in Austin Texas. My favorite soccer team (or any team) is Austin fc. I watch YouTube. I have an ipad. I have been to 4 different countries. I will grow up to be a profesional soccer player.


  1. Wow that’s so cool that you got all of the stickers! I love how you and Ari were able to combine forces in order to get them all. One day maybe I’ll get a Panini book too so we can trade.

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