La quebrada

la quebrada is this place in Acapulco where there is a giant cliff and people dive in the ocean from the cliff. The sea water enters and exits the cliff and when it entered the cliff the water was very shallow. This is a life or death, and so my mom freaked out. I was in a bad mood before and didn’t want to come, but it was all worth at the end. Oh yeah, no one died/everyone survived. The divers also gave Ari lessons so that he could be a diver when he grows up. OK, just kidding. But we did get to meet all of the divers. Here are some videos and pictures below.

The last and craziest jump be like
2 at the same time coming up
Me and Ari with every diver

By Ilán

I am a gamer. I love beyblade. I speak 3 languages. I was born in 2014. I am a thrill seeker (which means i love thrill rides). I live in Austin Texas. My favorite soccer team (or any team) is Austin fc. I watch YouTube. I have an ipad. I have been to 4 different countries. I will grow up to be a profesional soccer player.

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