Rollercoasters,thrill rides and waterslides

I am a BIG fan of thrill rides ( including rollercoasters and waterslides) . i’ve been on like 20 thrill rides and 15 rollercoasters and 10 waterslides. i’ve always wanted to go on every rollercoaster and every thill ride and every waterslide. if your scared of rollercoasters i was to, but i faced my fears, went on one ( that was pretty thrilling) and loved it.

By Ilán

I am a gamer. I love beyblade. I speak 3 languages. I was born in 2014. I am a thrill seeker (which means i love thrill rides). I live in Austin Texas. My favorite soccer team (or any team) is Austin fc. I watch YouTube. I have an ipad. I have been to 4 different countries. I will grow up to be a profesional soccer player.


  1. Hi lLan’
    I love your blog . It is very funny 😁
    I will show you my secret cabinet.

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