Beyblade is this top spinning game where two tops called beyblades fight. you don’t spin it with your hand, there is this thing and a string that you put in the thing put also put the beyblade in the thing, you twist the beyblade to make it stay on the thing, you pull the string and the beyblade drops and starts spinning. seeing battles is awesome.

The blue thing is something that fell
My mom held it for me

By Ilán

I am a gamer. I love beyblade. I speak 3 languages. I was born in 2014. I am a thrill seeker (which means i love thrill rides). I live in Austin Texas. My favorite soccer team (or any team) is Austin fc. I watch YouTube. I have an ipad. I have been to 4 different countries. I will grow up to be a profesional soccer player.


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